BVE Book Fair Benefits Sumas Elementary

Bernice Vossbeck Elementary librarian Jen Frombly didn’t know what to expect from her first book fair at the school. But with a strong turnout—the largest Scholastic book fair in the history of the school—she felt it was right to use the fair’s success and donate to Sumas Elementary to help them rebuild a library lost to flooding.

“I have been looking for tangible ways to help the families affected by the floods,” Frombly says. “By donating Scholastic Dollars, the librarian there will be able to order what is needed, when it is needed.”

The November BVE book fair generated about $9,500 in sales. The school receives 50% of that back in Scholastic Dollars for the school to purchase more books. BVE will donate $2,500 worth of their earned Scholastic Dollars to Sumas Elementary.

Frombly wasn’t the only one in a giving mood during the book fair. This year each of the 28 teachers in the building previewed the fair and made a list of books they wanted donated to their classroom library. Families from the school community generously purchased well over 50 books to help make that happen.

“The joy that books can bring is contagious,” Frombly says. “I am blessed to be a part of the BVE staff and cultivate a love of books in the students.”