LHS AP Calculus Students Delight First Graders

Lynden High School’s AP Calculus class, taught by Jordan VanderVeen, did something they haven’t done since 2019: delight groups of first-grade students at Bernice Vossbeck Elementary.

In a rebirth of a tradition, VanderVeen brings his class to the elementary school to create a math buddy time with Mary Morrison’s first graders near the end of the school year. 

“It was the highlight of their day,” Morrison says, “and they are looking forward to working with them again next week.” 

VanderVeen says the high school students worked hard all year and completed the culminating AP exam on May 9, opening time in the weekly schedule to visit with the young students, “engaging in interesting math problems.”

For senior Jake Tucker, it was a fun opportunity. “It was really cool working with the younger kids because we got to see their thinking process,” he says. “It was also nice to see how excited they were to work with us. It was an awesome experience.”