Kindergarten Readiness

Key Kindergarten Readiness Skills at a Glance

Social and Emotional Skills

  • Carry on an appropriate reciprocal conversation with peers and adults
  • Separate easily from parents/caregivers without getting upset
  • Able to complete an activity and transition from one activity to the next
  • Follow a daily class routine
  • Able to manage emotions, frustration, or unexpected changes in routine.
  • Follow simple instructions with 2 to 3 step directions
  • Know personal information (name, age, gender)
  • Pay attention to a single task for an extended period of time                         

Adaptive and Daily Living Skills

  • Can use the bathroom and toilet independently
  • Put on /off coat, shoes.
  • Able to care for personal belongings (hang up coat/backpack, put away work)
  • Able to follow school safety rules and routines with typical adult supervision.
  • Can clean up after themselves, wash hands/face.
  • Feeds self with proper utensils, drink from a cup/straw.

Academic Skills

  • Identify upper and lowercase letters
  • Count to 20 and identify numbers
  • Basic Math skills
  • Identify colors
  • Identify shapes
  • Write his/her own name
  • Basic Literacy skills- recite the ABC’s, rhymes words, story retell.
  • Express ideas and thoughts verbally

Fine/Gross Motor Skills

  • Use proper grip while using pencil, crayons, and scissors
  • Cut with scissors
  • Able to unfasten and fasten snaps, zippers, buttons

Communication Skills

  • Communicate clearly and answer questions in complete sentences.
  • Expresses wants and needs verbally
  • Is generally understood by adults
  • Understands and follows two step directions
  • Can speak in completed (5-6 word) sentences.
  • Understands and uses positional vocabulary