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Course Sequence Planning 2022 – 2023

Course Catalog 2022 – 2023

Course Availability List for all students 9-12
Courses Next Year 2022 – 2023

Class of 2026 Resources
Scheduling Worksheet

Class of 2025 Resources
Video guidance for current Freshman / Class of 2025
Scheduling Worksheet

Class of 2024 Resources
Video guidance for current Sophomores / Class of 2024
Scheduling Worksheet

Class of 2023 Resources
Video guidance for current Juniors / Class of 2023
Scheduling Worksheet

How to enter your requests into Skyward:
Video Guidance for entering requests in Skyward

Running Start Information:
Information regarding Running Start
LHS Running Start Acknowledgement Form

April 19

  • HS 101 at Lynden Middle School. 
  • Counselors spend the day at LMS to provide registration and course request guidance to future freshman (class of 2026)

April 20 @ midnight

  • Classes of 2023-2025
  • Deadline to enter courses into skyward

April 20 

  • Future Freshman Night 

April 22 

  • Future Freshman Registration Forms due to LMS Main Office

May 3 – May 11 

  • Individual meetings with with counselors to confirm, clean up requests.

May 12 – May 27 

  • Master Schedule developed  
  • (Master Schedule is driven by student requests.  These numbers are used to determine the courses that will be offered based on student interest, and the number of sections for each course.  This is why accurate and thoughtful registration is so critical and why schedule changes are not permitted after registration except for extenuating circumstance.)


  • Student schedules are made active and viewable on Skyward.