Clubs & Activities

This is a list of the current Clubs & Activities offered at Lynden High School.  We encourage all students to join one of our student-run clubs or activities.  It is a great way to learn about an interest, build new friendships and learn skills that will help you in the future!

How do I attend a meeting?

Some meetings are drop-in, while some clubs & activities require you to contact the advisory first.  Here is how you can find more info:

If you are currently enrolled in Option 1, you can access Clubs & Activities through the “Activity Period” tile on your Canvas dashboard.

If you are not Option 1 or do not have that tile, please get a link to the meeting by emailing the advisor below.

When do they meet?
FULLY REMOTEall Clubs & Activities meet Wednesdays from 9:10-9:40am.
HYBRID, Clubs & Activities will meet according to the list below:

Band ClubMr. GalliganEmail Fridays 9:30am
Bible ClubMr. HutchinsEmailVideoFridays 11am
Board Games ClubMrs. BaileyEmail Not Meeting
Conservation ClubMrs. KeatingEmail Fridays 10am
Creativity ClubMrs. MaxwellEmailVideo2nd Friday Each Month 10:30am
eSportsMr. HendersonEmailVideoFridays 11am
FBLAMrs. BoguesEmailVideoMonday 2pm & Fridays 10am
FFAMr. GrubbsEmailVideoFridays 10:30am
French ClubMr. TetuEmailVideoFridays 10am
Health Occupations
Mr. KorthuisEmailVideoFridays 11:30am
Impact ClubMrs. AndersonEmailVideo1st & 3rd Friday 10am
Knitting ClubMrs. TetuEmailVideoFridays 10:30am
L ClubMr. VanDalenEmailVideoFridays 12pm
Lions Read ClubMrs. MincklerEmailVideoFridays 10am
Multicultural ClubMrs. ToftenEmail Fridays 9:30am
Photography ClubMrs. MedcalfEmailVideoMondays 1:30pm
QSAMrs. CareyEmail  Thursdays 1:30pm
Robotics/TSA ClubMr. LewisEmailVideoFridays 9:30am
Role Playing Games ClubMr. RichinsEmail Fridays 9:30am
Serving Our Community
With Kindness
(SOCK) Club
Mrs. HarrisEmailVideoFriday 10:30am
Students for Diversity & InclusionMrs. GarzaEmail Fridays 11am
Teen CourtMr. SoltmanEmailVideoWednesdays 1:30am