All schools are closed due to inclement weather. Classes will resume Tuesday, Aug 19. Testing

How You Can Help

We often get asked for ideas of ways to help the families we serve.  Due to the confidential nature of our services, we find that although volunteer options are limited, there are many things that we like to have available to support families if you are willing and able to make a donation. 

Feel free to give us a call if you have a group you are working with and want to offer something not listed here.  We are part of a very generous community and enjoy working with you to give back. 

Immediate Needs
Backpacks for middle and high school students


Size 5 Diapers

On-Going Needs

If you would like to donate items to help local families, the following is a list of things that we try to keep available all year:

Gently-used clothing for our Clothing Bank.  At this time we are accepting clothing for school-aged children.  

Large and small backpacks for students K-12

School supplies needed:  1 1/2″ and 2″ binders, dividers, colored pencils, composition books,
 (college rule and wide rule),  

Dishes, pots/pans and utensils, 
Clean blankets and towels 

If you would like to make a monetary donation, please write the check to: Lynden PTA:  Family Community Services.  

Please call our office  at 360-354-1549 if you’d like to donate:  table/chairs, couch/chair, or bed, we may know a family who could use one of those items.  

We appreciate your support in serving students and families of Lynden Public Schools.

Boy using crayon on a piece of paper
Two girl soccer players
Two girls in a classroom