All schools are closed due to inclement weather. Classes will resume Tuesday, Aug 19. Testing

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapy Team would like to provide you with some advice on working with your student from home during the “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” duration.

You are welcome to contact your OT with any questions.

Videos by Catherine
Typing Club “How to” Video –
Bilateral Coordination Video –

Videos by Diana
The Development of Handwriting –
Coffee with Diana –

Videos by Georgia
Handwriting Rules –
Deep Breathing and Self Regulation Techniques –

Videos by Kerri
Self-Regulation Intro –

Videos by Leah
Zones of Regulation –

Videos by Serena
Hand and Finger Warm-ups for Written Expression –
Shoe Tying, Buttoning and Zipping –
Sensory Around the Home –

Boy using crayon on a piece of paper
Two girl soccer players
Two girls in a classroom